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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. How much will it cost for me to get this equipment?

Answer: Absolutely nothing. There is never a fee or charge for the phone equipment or for any relay service that is used with our equipment.

  1. How long will it take for me to get my equipment?

Answer: If you send an application WITH proof of income and proof of disability, and you meet our income guidelines, we can approve your application the same day we receive it. Within a few days we will contact you, discuss what equipment would work best for you, and once we know what to order it will take about 2 weeks to be delivered directly to your house. In short, about 3 weeks if there are no delays.

  1. What should I do if the phone I receive doesn’t work for me?

Answer: Call us as soon as possible! We can exchange it for a different phone system. We want you to be able to communicate over the phone, so please let us know if the phone is not useful to you in any way.

  1. What kind of computer can I get?

Answer: There is no restriction on the type of computer—laptop or desktop—and  you can make a request if you have specific preferences in terms of brands. We do have a $750 budget for each applicant, and this needs to include the software,  the shipping, and any flashing lights that you may also want. This leaves approximately $550-650 as a budget for the computer itself. Sometimes we have  used computers that we distribute, but most of them are new.

  1. Are there similar programs in other states besides Vermont?

Answer: Yes, most states have a similar program. Please check out, the national organization of EDPs to find contact info for other state programs. There are a few states, like our neighboring New York, who don’t have programs but this is rare. You can also call us to ask about a specific state contact.

  1. I don’t know what type of equipment I need, how do I decide?

Answer: Just ask us! If you are filling out your application, just check at the bottom that you would like assistance in choosing equipment, and we will call you. We call everyone once they are approved in order to make sure that we are ordering the right equipment for your situation.

  1. Will the phone work in a nursing home or other special living situation?

Answer: Yes, most of the time. It is rare there is a problem with this.

  1. Does the CapTel need a special phone line to work?

Answer: No. With the exception that it works best on analog lines rather than digital lines, which is something that you can check with your phone company to see which one you use. If you have digital phone service, then you will need a filter installed—this is very easy and something you can do yourself.

  1. What is 2-Line CapTel?

Answer: In addition to standard mode (which uses just one telephone line),  CapTel can be used in 2-line mode, which requires two separate telephone lines.       With 2-line CapTel, you can turn captions on or off at any point during the call.  Callers can dial your phone number directly, instead of calling through the       Captioning Service first, and you will still receive captions throughout the call. 2- Line CapTel also allows users to enjoy advanced phone features they may have purchased, such as Call Waiting, while still receiving captions. More about 2-Line CapTel