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Regional Consultant Services

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School Consultant Services

There are over 600 students with hearing loss in Vermont’s public schools. To best help each of them reach his or her fullest potential, VCDHH offers the school consultative services. The Vermont Agency of Education provides funding to support these services.  This essential program provides an array of consultation services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students enrolled in Vermont public schools. The services, available from birth through age 21, are provided by a Teacher of the Deaf, Educational Audiologist and/or Speech, Language Pathologist all with specialized training and expertise working with students with hearing loss.

View  the recent June 2012 TED talks on the importance of acoustics in regards to education, hosted by Julian Treasure.

2014-2015 Fee & Service Description for VCDHH Consultants

  Service from a regional consultant may include:
  • Providing information and support around language and auditory skill development, educational placement, audiological evaluations and recommendations.
  • Serving as liaison between family, school, medical and audiological personnel.
  • Providing technical assistance for amplification equipment through staff training, troubleshooting and assessment of physical/acoustic environment.
  • Assisting staff in adapting curriculum, establishing social cultural and extracurricular activities, planning for transitions, and locating appropriate social/emotional supports.
  • Providing direct service, modeling instructional strategies, observing education setting to provide recommendations, and participation in team meetings.
  • Assisting with interviewing and hiring appropriate support staff; i.e., interpreters, communication facilitators, teachers and mentors.
  • Providing in-service training and information about workshops, family support meetings, sign language classes and other organizations; i.e., Vocational Rehabilitation, Vermont Center for Independent Living.
  • Participating in evaluation plan, helping to determine appropriate assessment tools, and attending various meetings related to student program.

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In addition to helping students overcome the academic challenges a hearing loss may impose, the Consultant Program works with students to address the personal and social isolation they may feel. Every year, the program sponsors Adventure Day, a field day event for students in grades 4-12 that provides the students with the opportunity to meet and mingle with peers who are also deaf or hard of hearing. In addition to addressing social isolation, the day gives the participants the opportunity to participate in educational discussions regarding technology and academic strategies. They work together in classroom simulations, real and exaggerated, to help identify and promote self-advocacy strategies, and during the day, the students meet and interact with adult role models who have faced similar challenges.

To learn more about the Regional Consultant Program, please contact Terry Keegan,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it